About Us

Collegeguides.in is an “Education Admission Place” organization where we connect admission aspirant with the checked former student of different foundations for affirmation related inquiries and direction and after that make affirmation process streamline and quick.

College Guides on the other side started with students in its mind and focused on high demand programs irrsepective of the country and initiated its operations 5 years back from MBBS as is core expertise area.


By 2018, it has expanded its portfolio to all big cities and 5 major focus areas such as:

  • MBBS
  • B.Tech (Engineering)
  • MBA
  • BAMS
  • Masters level program
  • Passion career

We are focusing on students with 4 divisions providing counselling, guidance, admission and travel support leading to Global career for them. Our approach is not only “Admission” but hand holding the student right up to setting up his global career including employment abroad! Further it conducted an Industrial visit to Germany for 20 students visiting to various Car manufacturing factories such as Mercedes, BMW, Porsche and Volkswagen. Today it has taken No. 1 position in Mumbai city for organizing student tour for age group 17+ to various countries already.

College Guides has recruited more than 350 students to various programs to the universities it represents directly in India. Every university has been assessed by College Guides team before signing the contract so as to give perfect guidance to the students and the parents.

College Guides got is brand across the country with its much publicized MEdu conference concept which has been attended by more than 10,000 students for direct university to student interaction, generally held in May every year.

Today, it has already set up its offices in 4 important cities of India such as Kota, Pune, Ahmedabad and Hyderabad. In 2019, it expects to expand to further 4 more mainly in Metro sized cities to make its presence across the country.


Our advisory services is based on the personal assessment of every university represented by College Guides before recommendation to the students whichever country it is based! The basic philosophy for accepting a university representation in India is:

  • The university needs to be top ranked in that country
  • The program must lead to employment in the destination country
  • The cost of the program should match with the same program in India!



Honest guidance by expert counselors after self-assessment of each of the Universities is what differentiates College Guides from others.

You can simply depend on us for all the guidance given to you. More than 350 students will tell you how they benefitted.


Ensuring that every applicant is delivered the successful admission to the selected University is the basic policy of College Guides.

This guarantee is backed with 100% Money Back Policy for the students to ensure their dream career starts within the decided time frame.